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An Ode to bellota

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An Ode to bellota 

An evening dedicated to ibérico pork

On the 19th September Margot Henderson, Richard Turner, Florence Knight and Rowley Leigh will be joining us in Brindisa Rupert Street’s kitchen for a proper nose to tail affair. Each of our guest Chefs will be cooking a dish that’ll showcase a different cut of ibérico de bellota pork, which those in attendance get to sample with some of our cellar’s best wines. You can buy tickets through Eventbrite.

It’s a product we’ve been championing at Brindisa since day one and over our 30 years we’ve seen the British gain a real appetite and appreciation for it. If you can’t make it however, then why not try and recreate the experience at home? We have a wide range of ibérico meat cuts available from our online shop, as well as the more well-known cured ibérico ham and charcuterie.

Frozen ibérico pork, from the indigenous black pig is sweet and succulent, suitable for cooking in a variety of ways, from low and slow to searing on a grill. Pork cheeks are perfect for long slow braising in red wine and Tenderloin is the leanest cut, great for the barbecue. Although Presa ibérico is the real star of the show, a gourmet cut you don’t find at the British butcher. Coming from the shoulder, it is located near the head of the loin. Highly marbled meat, it is close in flavour to wagyu beef, cooks like steak and is best served medium rare.

The quality of this meat is something to be celebrated. These ibérico pigs are reared in some of the most biodiverse terrain left in Europe, feasting on acorns, wild herbs and grasses. Their nut rich diet gives the meat a sweet, buttery flavour and the delicate marbling adds a melting, juicy and tender bite.

If you get the chance, head down to Borough Market on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday to savour the recently launched Presa Roll, a simply delicious marriage of ibérico pork, padrón peppers, lightly toasted ciabatta and a marinade of olive oil, vinegar and chili. All this for £7.50 a roll, a truly exhilarating mouthful and worthy rival to the grandaddy of street foods, the widely acclaimed Brindisa chorizo roll with piquillo peppers and rocket.

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