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Meet Ortiz anchovy filleter Pilar

Blog post Pilar from Ortiz, anchovy filleter

Meet Pilar: Ortiz anchovy filleter

Pilar is one of the team of anchovy filleters at Conservas Ortiz, based in the Basque country, Spain. She manually prepares every single anchovy before packing them into tins. She came to visit Brindisa in London to show us her impressive technique that makes this product so special. You may think we have sped up the video but this is her actual speed!

Would you like to try the technique at home? Why not try our Ortiz salted anchovies? They’re clean and ready to be filleted following a few easy steps:

    1. Soak the anchovies in cold water for 10 minutes and clean them under running water rubbing the salt off with your fingers.
    2. Open the anchovy from the top half of the fish while it is still under the tap.
    3. With the help of your thumb, separate the two anchovy fillets.
    4. Remove the bone and finish cleaning.
    5. Dry the anchovies lightly with a cloth, lay them in a container and cover them with your favourite olive oil.


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