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Our cooking chorizos put to the test by Brindisa staff

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Our cooking chorizos put to the test by Brindisa staff

Chorizo is a Spanish red sausage made of pork meat and paprika. It is produced all over the country and it can be cooked in as many ways as a culinary mind can think of. The Brindisa staff would like to introduce you to some of their favourite ways of to cook and eat the chorizo sausage.

Florence and Carmen are in the Marketing Department of the company. Florence is not a big chorizo fan but she likes eating it in a casserole. However, Carmen loves it on the grill, exactly the same as Alejandro, one of the members of the stock team in the warehouse.

Carolina, who sells chorizo every day to restaurants and delis, says: “My favourite is the chorizo sandwich”. Likewise Lindsey from the buyer team says: “Chorizo in a roll with whatever there is in the fridge.”

Nicky, the warehouse manager says: “I prefer eating other things but I like chorizo with chicken and spinach”.

Luca, who looks after the cheeses and works in the warehouse to get everything ready for the deliveries says: “My favourite is chorizo cooked in wine or cider”. Joe, who also works in the warehouse, admits that even though he has only had chorizo once in his live, it was in a paella and “was superb!”

Martin is the Facilities Manager and this is his recipe: “Add fried cooking chorizo to butter beans, parsley, baby tomatoes, sherry vinegar and garlic dressing. It is a recipe from Moro restaurant and it is fantastic.”

Arantxa, Sara and Luis are part of the technical team at Brindisa. Take a look at their original cooking ideas:

  • Sara: “With rice in the oven or with lentils. I always heat the chorizo in the microwave first so that a small amount of fat oozes out.”
  • Luis agrees with Sara: “Chorizo with lentils definitely”.
  • Arantxa has another idea: “A chorizo pie”.

Lastly, Fran, a buyer at Brindisa and a serious foodie, argues: “Fried chorizo with fried eggs is delicious and juicy.”

Regardless of whether it is the main ingredient or used as a simple accompaniment, chorizo always provides a distinctive and delicious flavour to dishes!

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