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Great Taste Awards 2016

GTA 2016 In Page 960 x 540


This year, we are thrilled to announce that 14 of our products were awarded either 1 or 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2016!

Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink.

Described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world, the Great Taste logo is a sign of trust for consumers when buying a product.

But what do the stars actually mean?
3 stars - Exquisite. Wow!
2 stars - Outstanding
1 star - Simply delicious


The following products were awarded 2 stars, find the judges comments’ for each product below:

Cabra del Tiétar
"This is a well-made, hand finished goat cheese, with a very soft goaty flavour, citrusy and light. An attractive cheese with a light texture and subtle herb flavour coming through the milk."

Torralba Mahón
"Very good flavours rolling round the palate, with sweetness and savoury notes, creamy and fruity on the palate. Good firm texture and full bodied aroma and flavour. This cheese has a creamy mouthfeel and is full of flavour."

Olivar de la luna biodynamic organic, cold pressed olive oil
"Big fruit hit on first tasting and a gentle balance with a final heat that is very pleasant. A lovely aroma to this oil with beautiful grassy notes which follows through to the flavour of this oil."

La Brújula sardinillas
"Tiny sardines that are bathed in very pleasant-tasting oil. We love their size and their firm texture and simple uncomplicated but good flavour. Very agreeable sardines! They would be great for canapes or other finger foods because of their size too."

Brindisa llonganissa
"Lovely rose coloured meat on the cross section. Strong porky aromas. The fat melts beautifully on the tongue and the meat has a good chew. Sweet, clean pork, well made and with juicy succulence."


The following products were awarded 1 star:

Brindisa North & South olive oil
"A good bright colour and quite a pungent, fresh olive aroma.  On the palate there’s a good blend of olive flavour notes.  The bitterness is moderate, leading to a marked pepper spike.  There’s a nicely persistent fruitiness.  A cleverly blended oil, very approachable and versatile."

Brindisa caperberries
"Nice sized caper berries. Really satisfying crunch to the berry. Flavour wise the berries have a good freshness and a slight acidity. We can see these working well in a variety of situations."

Brindisa smoked paprika mayonnaise
"This unctuous mayonnaise has a gentle aroma of smoke and a silken texture. The flavours are very well balanced. A good smokey nose, warming and with the real character of pimenton - very good and well balanced."

Boquerones Herpac
"Plump and generous anchovies, a good balance of sweet and acidic, very pleasant. How lovely to see white anchovies rather than the usual dark ones. They have zing and vigour. The texture is firm and meaty."

Alemany chestnut honey
"Beautiful sap like colour. Pleasing texture. Strong upfront floral flavour with hints of caramel. Dark and slightly opaque, not overly sweet, with an almost peaty layer within the flavour."

Alemany torta imperial
"The copious quantity of almonds is well toasted and fresh. This has a rustic, home-made appearance. It eats with a good crunch and the toasted almond flavour comes through very well."

Brindisa additive free chorizo picante, 4 pieces
"Plump, generously sized sausage with a good colour, nice presentation, not a traditional chorizo appearance. The flavour is good and spicy.  Juicy and smoky from the paprika."

Brindisa Ibérico sliced salchichón, 100g
"Lovely fatty sheen to the meat. Sweet aromas with a slight pepperiness. The sausage has a good mild porky flavour with sweetness from the fat. Pepper seasoning is well observed."

Sliced Cecina, 100g
"Deep, rich, attractive colour on these very lean thin slices. Very subtle smoky overtone on rich, sweet tasting beef which is so tender it melts on the tongue. A good moisture level, rich and with complex flavours from the natural smoking, the iron comes through well."

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