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Healthy oil and vinegar bundle
Nunez de Prado organic X.V. o/o
Unio moscatel vinegar, 50cl

Healthy oil and vinegar box (£17.90 when bought individually)

£14.35 (Each)

20% off
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    Olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking ingredients of all and we have some of the best Spanish produce to offer. When it comes to making a superb vinaigrette to accompany your healthy salads and roasted vegetables, the quality of the vinegar is also key. So we have put the two ingredients together and created this convenient oil and vinegar duo containing one bottle each of the following saving you almost 20% on the normal retail price:

    Nunez de Prado unfiltered olive oil, 50 cl: an extra virgin olive oil produced in Baena, Andalusia, by a family that has been cultivating olives on the same land since the 18th century. The "flower" of the oil is made using a blend of Picual, Picudo and Hojiblanca olives and is organic, unfiltered and unpressed with delicious tropical fruit flavours.

    Unió Moscatel vinegar, 50cl: single varietal vinegars offer subtlety and variety whatever they may be used for. This chardonnay vinegar is produced by the Schutzenbach method of cold acetification which allows for the flavours of the grape variety to remain distinct. This is a delightfully floral vinegar with sweet stone fruit flavours.

    Núñez de Prado

    The Núñez de Prado family started producing olive oil on their estate in Baena, Andalusia in 1795.

    Since this time 7 generations of the family have continued to develop and improve their production, focussing on a philosophy of quality over all other considerations.