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Healthy veg bundle
PR03003 Piquillo pepper whole jar
Navarrico white asparagus spears, (13-16's) I.G.P. tin 390g
Navarrico artichoke hearts, (16-20's) jar 660g

Healthy Veg Box (£21.20 when bought individually)

£16.95 (Each)

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Our range of Navarrico preserved vegetables are a quick and easy way to prepare healthy meals. Save 20% on the normal retail price when you buy this selection:

Navarrico piquillo peppers, 220g jar: grown in the Lodosa DOP region of Navarra, these piquillo peppers are roasted whole and then peeled by hand. The peppers are a deep scarlet and their flavour is intense, sweet and mildly piquant.

Navarrico asparagus, 390g tin: grown in the upper reaches of the fertile valley of the River Ebro in Navarre and manually harvested, the asparagus are hand trimmed and graded before being cooked and tinned. The soft white spears are a familiar sight in almost any tapas bar in Spain.

Navarrico artichoke hearts, 660g jar: also grown in the fertile valley of the River Ebro, where the conditions are ideal for the cultivation of artichokes. Cooked to Brindisa's specifications, they have a delicious slightly nutty flavour.


El Navarrico are a specialist processor of jarred fruit and vegetables based in San Adrian, Navarra, one of Spain’s most fertile regions.

It specialises in the production of jarred and tinned artichokes, white asparagus and piquillo peppers.