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Frozen Iberico cheeks

£24.00 (pack)

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  • Gluten Free Product

The carrilleras (cheeks) of the ibérico pig are two small pieces of flavoursome meat weighing a total of approximately 100g in total, located in jowl. They contain virtually no fat and are formed of intertwined fibres.

These Ibérico pork cheeks have a delicate and moist bite that stands out because of their singular texture. Rarely will you find this level of juiciness and leanness in the same cut.

Cook for a couple of hours and the meat reduces to nuggets of fork-tender flesh. Cheeks are great slow-braised in red wine, carrots, onions and leeks and served with butter beans or mashed potatoes.

Approximately 700g. This is a frozen product.

Iberico pork
Storage & Care
Once defrosted, keep refrigerated below 5ºC and use within 7 days. Once opened, keep below 5ºC and consume within 3 days.