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Classic cheese box
Classic cheese box

Classic Spanish cheese box

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    Perfect for creating a cheese board for any special occasion, this selection of freshly cut cheeses comprises four outstanding yet markedly contrasting, artisan cheeses such as:

    • Cañarejal Cremoso – a smooth, silky texture with slightly mushroomy and milky flavours torta style cheese, made with raw ewes’ milk and vegetarian rennet.
    • Villarejo Manchego DOP semi-cured – made with raw ewes’ milk and traditional rennet. It is a semi-hard yet moist texture, aromas of hay and lanolin are complemented by yogurty and citrusy flavours.
    • Cabra del Tiétar – a hard pasteurised goat’s milk cheese made with traditional rennet. The aromas are fresh, goaty and herbal with caramelly yet savoury and lingering flavours.
    • Valdeón (Picos de Europa) – made with a mix of cow’s and goat’s milk and traditional rennet. This well-known blue cheese has a semi-soft texture, mushroomy and creamy aromas with buttery and savoury, sometimes spicy, flavours.

    The cheese box also includes quince paste, savoury ship's biscuits and dried chatos muscatel grapes.

    Please remember we have determined that to enjoy the cheeses in optimum condition they should be consumed within the following periods from the time of despatch: 6 days (Picos de Europa); 10 days (Manchego, Cabra del Tietar); 14 days (quince paste); 25 days (Cañarejal Cremoso); 30 days (moscatel grapes). After these periods the cheeses will still be good to eat but will ripen and develop over time.

    Cañarejal Cremoso approx. 250g: raw ewes' milk, lactic cultures, rennet.
    Villarejo semi-cured Manchego 375g wedge: raw ewes' milk, animal rennet, calcium chloride, lactic cultures, lysozyme, preservative E252.
    Picos Blue 310g wedge: cow's and goat's milk, calcium chloride, lactic cultures, Penicillium, animal rennet, salt. 
    Cabra del Tiétar 280g wedge: Milk, calcium chloride, lactic cultures, rennet, salt and lysozyme (egg)
    Quince paste 100g slice: quince, sugar, pectine, lemon juice, cinnamon, lemon zest.
    Semi-dried moscatel grapes, 100g: grapes. Contains pips.
    Savoury ship's biscuits: wheat flour (gluten), butter (milk) (10%), salt, malt extract, emulsifier: IP soy lecithin, malt flour (gluten) and yeast