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1605 Manchego min. 5 months D.O.P.
1605 Manchego min. 5 months D.O.P.

1605 Manchego DOP

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Milk type: raw ewes' milk

From: Ciudad Real, Castile - La Mancha

Net weight: approx. 3kg (5 months)

Our 1605 Manchego is made at the Sierra la Solana estate, an area of about 350 hectares including vineyards, almond plantations and olive groves, 150km South of Madrid. Here you can find a traditional rustic Mediterranean vegetation as well as a harsh and extreme climatic environment, ideal for the native Manchega sheep to roam about. The result is a clean, rich tasting milk with a sweet and malted cereal finish which translate into an elegant, fruity, intense flavours with a long finish.

The aroma of this minimum 5 month matured Manchego is of butter and cereal, the paste is pale ivory, semi-hard and dense; the flavours are of sweet and rich ewes’ milk and raw almonds. It has a long, clean finish.

Milk, rennet, salt, lysozime (egg)
Curing Period
Min 5 months
Storage & Care
Keep refrigerated below 8°C
Nutrition Per 100g
Energy 1952kJ / 467kcal
Fat 35.8g
   of which saturates 18.7g
Carbohydrate 0.51g
   of which sugars 0.51g
Protein 36.4g
Fibre 0g
Salt 0.6g
* Typical values per 100g

Quesería 1605

A small dairy that was established in 2008 by which makes an excellent artisan Manchego using the milk of their own herds of Manchega sheep.

They also grow the crops that are used to feed the sheep during the winter months. A great example of a dairy that combines modern practices with traditional methods.