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Campos Goticos Castellano, semi cured

Castellano, semi cured, whole

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Milk type: raw ewes' milk

From: Palencia, Castile and León

Net weight: approx. 2kg 

Cured for a minimum of 3 months this cheese has a rich, buttery aroma, a firm yet smooth texture and a well balanced intense, meaty flavour.

Milk, rennet, salt, lactic cultures, preservative: E252
Storage & Care
Keep refrigerated below 8°C
Nutrition Per 100g
Energy1735kJ / 413kcal
   of which saturates24.7g
   of which sugars<2g
* Typical values per 100g

Campos Góticos

Campos Góticos is located in the tiny village of Villerías de Campos, on the spectacular plains of Castilla y León, the land of Don Quixote. Founded in 1994 by the Paramío family, Campos Góticos - meaning “Gothic Plains” - refers to the original name of the region. It is in these vast fields that the family’s own herds of indigenous Churra sheep graze. This contributes a great deal to the flavour and aroma of their cheese.

The dairy produces small volumes of artisan cheese using no additives, dyes, flavourings or preservatives. They use traditional methods to fill and press the moulds and cure them for between three and five months. During this time the cheese forms a natural rind and is free of wax. Then their cheese comes into our hands and we look after them further in our Balham Cheese Caves, allowing for extra maturity and deepening of flavour.