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Idiazabal DOP, farmhouse, smoked

Smoked Idiazábal DOP, unpasteurised sheeps' milk, aprox. 1kg

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Milk type: unpasteurised ewes' milk

From Basque Country

Net weight: approx. 1kg

The aroma of the cheese is milky and lightly smoky, the paste is dense and the lactic acidity and developing sweetness, with undertones of lanolin, are well balanced by the gentle smokiness.

Ingredients & Allergens
Milk, rennet, salt, lactic cultures and preservative: lysozyme (egg)
Storage & Care
Keep refrigerated below 8°C

Martin Txiki

Martin Txiki is the name of a mythological Basque hero and also the name of the house in which this tiny dairy is based.

This sits up in the mountains above Tolosa and it is here that Pedro and Teresa herd and milk their flock of 200 indigenous Latxa sheep as well as producing the famous local cheese, Idiazabal, both smoked and unsmoked.