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Anchovy stuffed manzanilla olives, 2.2kg

anchovy stuffed manzanilla olives, 2.2kg

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Olives and encurtidos (pickles) are consumed all over Spain, often with a beer or a glass of wine and perhaps a plate of charcuterie.

Stuffed olives are popular with anchovies, almonds and peppers the most common fillings. These anchovy stuffed green Manzanilla olives are rich and briny with a firm texture.

Green manzanilla olives, anchovy (fish) (anchovy and stabilizer: E402), water, salt, flavour enhancers: E621, E627 and E631, acidulants: E330, antioxidant: E300 and preservative: E202.
May contain traces of sulphites.
Storage & Care
Ambient. Once opened, keep refrigerated below 8°C in a non-metallic container, covered in its brine, and consume within 7 days


Brindisa works with a Catalan based company to source its encurtidos.

Euroliv buys from a wide selection of producers of high quality raw materials, has them processed and then gets them packed into catering sized containers for the deli and restaurant market.