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Fideu short strands 1mm, angel hair pasta

Fideu 1mm strands, 250g

£2.95 (Each)

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Whilst pasta is perceived as an almost exclusively Italian ingredient the Catalans have been making the traditional dish of fideua for hundreds of years.

This pasta resembles short strands of spaghetti and is used like rice in a paella, paired with a sofrito and seafood to make the classic regional dish.

Durum wheat (gluten) semolina and water
Storage & Care
Keep in a cool and dry place
Nutrition Per 100g
Energy1500kJ / 354kcal
   of which saturates0.5g
   of which sugars2.3g
* Typical values per 100g

Pastes Sanmartí

Since 1700 Pastes Sanmartí have been producing types of pasta in Caldes de Montbui, to the north of the city of Barcelona.

Using nothing but high grade wheat flower and the mineral rich waters of the hot springs of Caldes de Montbui they produce outstanding fideos.