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Almeria is sun, sea, mountain and sterling food

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Almeria is definitely a lucky land. It has both sea and mountains, and more than 3,000 hours of sun per year. The average temperature stays above 20 degrees throughout the year and winter there is like spring. If this sounds good, you should try the food!

Thanks to the gentle climate in this area of southern Spain, the quality of the extra virgin olive oil, one of the most effective natural antioxidants, is very high. The Picual is the Mediterranean olive most commonly used for olive oil production due to its deliciously well balanced profile. It is sweet and nutty with aromas of fresh green leaves and an almost complete absence of bitterness.

Almeria is also known as ‘the orchard of Europe’ as it exports beautiful vegetables and fruit all over the continent. Its production is based by the sea where sixteen thousand small farmers produce more than three and a half tons of fruit and vegetables every year. This is the reason why the gazpacho, seasoned with local spices, tastes so good.

The gastronomic traditions of Almeria owe their greatest debt to the sea over the many centuries of its history. Restaurants and small fish shops sell the freshest seafood, straight off the boats each day. Octopus is a particular speciality here.

Olive oil, vegetables, fresh fish and let’s not forget cheese! One especially well-loved type, ‘De la Alpujarra’, is made from the milk of goats that graze in the high Sierra Nevada mountain range. This milk is collected every day so it keeps its pure qualities and the producers still maintain the artisan methods of production that have been revered for centuries.

Meats are also a highlight in Almeria, with animal husbandry and butchery skills still much celebrated with good quality guaranteed. Cooking meats such as morcilla and chorizo, or cured meats like ibérico and serrano ham and lomo all have exceptional flavours.

You can find more information about Almeria and specially about Almeria’s food in Steve Homer’s blog, Unique Almeria

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