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Smoked mackerel fillets, 100g (keep refrigerated)

Nardín beech-smoked mackerel fillets, 100g

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Conservas Nardín only buys mackerel caught in the Cantabrian Sea; the fish destined to be used for their smoked mackerel are brined, rather than salted, and then cold smoked whole over beechwood before being filleted, trimmed and then tinned in olive oil.

They are tender, moist and succulent with a beautifully balanced taste.

Mackerel (fish), olive oil and salt
Storage & Care
Keep refrigerated between 5 and 8°C
Nutrition Per 100g
Energy751kJ / 179kcal
   of which saturates3.4g
   of which sugars<0.5g
* Typical values per 100g

Conservas Nardín

Conservas Nardín is a small family business based in the port of Zumaia which specialises in processing and preserving fish from the Cantabrian Sea, off the northern coast of Spain.

They produce superb quality anchovies in three different styles, cold smoked, salted and pickled.

Smoked mackerel & Ermesenda cocktail toasts

4 slices wholegrain bread (“sandwich size” slices), toasted
2 tsp chopped chives, plus more for a garnish
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tin x 100g Nardin smoked mackerel fillets
100g grated Ermesenda cheese, available from our Balham and Borough Market shops


  1. Turn the overhead grill on to full.
  2. Pound the chopped chives in a mortar and pestle then add the mustard and combine; spread toasts evenly with mustard mixture.
  3. Cover the toasts evenly with the grated cheese and toast under the grill until the cheese just starts to bubble and brown.
  4. While the toasts are still hot from the grill, lay on the mackerel fillets.
  5. Cut each toast into 8 small bites; garnish with chives.